Sustainer Committee Leaders

Sustainer Leaders at their Membership Tea 2021

Front row: Jamie Pilloff, President; Jenetha Jones, Director of Membership
Back Row: Sheryl Slot, Director of Communications; Lori Gorewitz, Sugar Plum Liaison; Judy Sparks, Feast With Friends; AJ Bez, Vice President

Dining Divas

Dining Divas is a monthly lunchtime get-togethers for Sustainers.  It is a time to connect, share stories and just have fun!









Adrienne Barker, Dining Divas Co-chair

Feast with Friends

Feast with Friends is a monthly girl’s night out for dinner & fun!    It is a great way to meet new friends, connect and enjoy an evening out!

Judy Sparks, Feast With Friends

Barbara Hordren, Sunny Sunshine