Message From The President

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Over two decades ago twenty-four inspiring women came together to build the Fort Bend Junior Service League on the foundation of compassion, unity, and the desire to give back to the community that has given us so much. The founding members envisioned an organization where women could come together to create meaningful change, and that vision is as relevant today as it was 23 years ago. As our community has grown over the years, so has the League they created. With amazing women at the helm, FBJSL has prospered, making an immeasurable impact on countless lives. Their vision is one that continues to inspire us to be “Women Making a Difference.”

I am honored and excited to carry on our founder’s legacy by being chosen the President of the Fort Bend Junior Service League for the 2023-2024 League year. As a proud resident of Fort Bend County for nearly my entire life, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible strength and spirit that thrives within each of us. Our community’s growth from small towns to among the most diverse counties in the nation has inspired me to take on this new role and to continue the League’s journey of impactful change and service.

As President, my primary goal is to honor the women whose footsteps we follow. They were the pioneers, the trailblazers who saw a need and took action. They were driven by the belief that women can create positive change, and they set an example that we proudly carry forward. Their legacy is our foundation, and their vision is our guiding star.

Our theme for this year, “Love in Action,” encapsulates the essence of our collective spirit and what we were founded upon. It is a reminder that love is not merely a sentiment, but a powerful force that can bring about positive change when put into action. We have demonstrated this firsthand through the unwavering dedication and commitment of our members who have poured their love and passion into every project we undertake.

Our League is an empowering organization comprised of compassionate women dedicated to making a difference in Fort Bend County. With a diverse group of women, each with unique skills and passions, we come together as a force for positive transformation. I am inspired by the dedication of our members and the projects we undertake together. We have accomplished something truly extraordinary over the years, and I could not be more proud of our collective efforts.

It is incredible to reflect on how far we have come since 2001 and the profound impact we have had on our community. Through dedication, unity, and hard work, the ladies of FBJSL have raised an astonishing $5.4 million to give back to our community. This incredible achievement is a testament to the commitment of our members, volunteers, and supporters who have poured their hearts and souls into our cause. Together, we have proven that love is not just a feeling but a force capable of transforming lives and making our community a better place for all. Each dollar raised represents a small piece of love offered by someone who believes in the power of collective action to uplift our community.

I would like to express my appreciation to every member, past and present, who has contributed to our remarkable legacy. It is your love in action that has made all of this possible, and I am excited to see the incredible difference we will continue to make together. To all our wonderful community partners, thank you for your support, dedication, and belief in our mission. Our commitment to “Love in Action” echoes the sentiment that founded us – that service is a sincere expression of love. It is this love that fuels our endeavor.

Follow us on social media and join our events to experience firsthand the power of collective action and community spirit. Together, we are the living embodiment of the change we want to see in the world, and we do it with the love and compassion that defines the Fort Bend Junior Service League.


With gratitude and commitment,
Jessica C. Gregory
President, 2023-2024