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The Fort Bend Junior Service League (FBJSL) supports the community in numerous ways, including donating monies raised from fundraisers to event beneficiaries, providing grants from our Community Assistance Fund, and providing volunteers to agencies selected as core placements.

A core placement is a charitable organization that Fort Bend Junior Service League has chosen to support by providing volunteers (FBJSL members) to serve the agency on a monthly basis. Members each select a core placement with which they devote many volunteer hours; this gives members the opportunity to provide direct service to one of the five core placement agencies in Fort Bend County who FBJSL serves.


Each League year the Fort Bend Junior Service League reviews event beneficiary applicants based on the needs of those agencies and the goals of our organization. FBJSL selects beneficiaries that will thrive due to our support. In addition, these beneficiaries must align with the League’s Position Statements for meeting the needs of the Fort Bend County area. Please take time to review our Position Statements below to confirm your funding request falls within our support.

AGING:  The League is committed to supporting and promoting programs and services that benefit the physical, economic, mental, emotional, intellectual and social well being of senior adults.

ARTS AND CULTURAL ENRICHMENT:  The League is committed to the development, support and accessibility of the arts, and encourages the availability of cultural opportunities to all members of the community.

CHILDREN:  The League is committed to ensuring that children and their families have access to opportunities and services essential for the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, mental and social growth, and supports such opportunities and services.

DEPENDENT PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: The League is committed to recognizing that dependent persons with physical, mental and emotional disabilities, and their caregivers, face many difficult problems with limited choices.  We support the development and funding of quality programs, services and living arrangements for dependent adults and their caregivers.  We further support increasing public awareness and volunteerism on these issues.
DIVERSITY:  The League is committed to supporting efforts to create a greater appreciation of similarities and understanding the value of differences in all people.  The League will support programs and services that reflect awareness of the increasing racial, religious and ethnic diversity of the Fort Bend area.

EDUCATION:  The League supports and promotes quality education and is committed to using its resources to positively impact the education of all children and adults.  FBJSL, therefore, will support community efforts, legislative initiatives, and judicial action that promote quality education for all members of the community.

ENVIRONMENT:  The League is committed to promoting environmental awareness and encouraging responsibility in the attainment of a safer, cleaner and healthier environment in order to protect, enhance and preserve the quality of life today and for future generations.

HEALTH:  The League is committed to supporting quality, affordable health and human services and comprehensive health education for every state of life and for all people in the Fort Bend community

HOMELESSNESS:  The League is committed to recognizing the needs of those families and individuals in our community who are considered homeless; those lacking a fixed, regular and recognized residence. We support comprehensive services and efforts to address homelessness. We advocate strategies that include intervention as well as prevention.

HUNGER:  The League is committed to recognizing that adequate food is essential to the well-being of all men, women and children. We support comprehensive services and efforts to feed the hungry.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  The League is committed to supporting education, advocacy and action to meet the short-term needs of the economically disadvantaged and to aid in developing long-term solutions.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE:  The League is committed to supporting funding and community projects that promote education and intervention to prevent substance abuse by children and adults.

VIOLENCE:  The League is committed to the elimination of violence by supporting programs and services designed to understand the problem of violence, to assist, educate and protect victims, and to work effectively with abusers and/or potential abusers.

VOLUNTEERISM:  The League is committed to volunteerism and will support efforts to ensure the future of volunteers in the community and the promotion of trained volunteers in direct community service.

WOMEN:  The League supports and promotes efforts that it deems appropriate to ensure the intellectual, economic, social, mental, physical and emotional well-being of women.


The FBJSL Community Assistance Fund (CAF), allows FBJSL to extend our financial support even further in the community by providing multiple smaller grants to a greater number of charitable causes in Fort Bend County. Community assistance funds allow the League to reach even more children, adults, and families in areas where we are not able to provide service with our volunteers or do not have regularly budgeted monies allocated.

Applications for CAF grants are accepted on an ongoing basis. If your agency or organization is interested in applying for a CAF grant, please download the below application and details regarding eligibility. CAF applications require a minimum of 6 weeks for review by our Beneficiary Review Committee.

CAF grant requests are accepted throughout the year. Each grant application should be accompanied by the items set forth in the CAF Application and submitted to


Event Beneficiary Instructions

Event Beneficiary Application 2021 (Deadline has passed)

CAF Instructions

CAF Application 2022

(FSR should be submitted to within 90 days of receipt of funds from FBJSL).